Useful Links

Kindness Website

Kindness is the way for us to heal the world.  Here is a website dedicated to small acts of kindness worldwide.  It is awesome!

What have you done today that was kind?

Learn About Jewish Aging and End of Life Practices

This is the website or Kavod v'Nichum and the Gamliel Institute, the foremost organization in North America supporting education about Jewish practices around the end of life.

This site is one of the most active and informative sites about aging in the Jewish world today.

Nautilus Book Awards

The Nautilus Awards represent  "Better Books for a Better World"

The Nautilus Mission: Our core mission is to celebrate and honor books that support conscious living & green values, high-level wellness, positive social change, and spiritual growth. 

Now in its 20th year, this unique book award program has continued to gain prestige with authors and publishers around the world as it seeks, honors, awards and promotes print books that inspire and connect our lives as individuals, communities, and global citizens.

Dedicated to excellence and the highest literary standards, the Nautilus Awards program supports its winners in getting wider recognition, exhibiting opportunities, media coverage, industry exposure and enhanced prospects for sales.

We look for exceptional literary contributions to spiritual growth, conscious living & green values, high-level wellness, responsible leadership and positive social change as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspirational reading for children, teens and young adults. 

Lightweight Backpacking Links

The following links are useful resources for backpacking in general, and especially for learning how to lighten up your pack.  I haven't listed many here as too soon they will all be obsolete.  There are many more.

This easy-to-read guide helps people learn about and prepare for different types of hikes, treks, and rambles all across the UK. They also offer a ton of general outdoor education, including in-depth answers to a handful of FAQs that will be very useful for anyone researching hiking. Topics touch on: weather, clothes, food, nature, and everything in between. 

This link is provided by a young man named Jason, who recommended this excellent page on poisonous plants for hikers.  Check it out!

This is a good intro overview of lightweight backpacking in general, and ultralight in particular.

This is a very complete list of ultralight backpacking gear vendors compiled in 2017.  The nice thing is that you can filter your search in many ways, including by country.

Since 1999 bringing you honest and factual information on gear and technique on lightweight and ultralight backpacking for adventurers of all skill levels.

Andrew Skurka is an accomplished adventure athlete, speaker, guide, and writer. The 33-year-old is most well known for his solo long-distance backpacking trips. He is the author ofThe Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide.

If you engage in backpacking, at some point, you may consider packing a lighter load. That consideration was the main reason that Backpacking Lightweight was created in 1996, and it continues to be its primary focus. Since then, however, the Lightweight Backpacking & Hiking website has grown to include a vast repository of resources useful for year-round backcountry safety & enjoyment.

Backpacking Light provides information and education about hiking and backpacking, and hosts the world’s most passionate community of people dedicated to traveling light.  The Backpacking Light Mission Statement says:  We promote multi-day, backcountry travel in a self-supported (“backpackable”), lightweight style.

Enjoy the freedom of a lighter backpack with no loss in comfort. Slash the weight of your pack with gear that is chosen by weight, quality, and efficiency. It’s all in one place for your convenience. Browse through the gear for dozens of ways to lighten your pack.
This site is a lovely collection of ideas and guidance from an experienced through-hiker and rock climber.  She shares how to lighten up in a fun way.  She has hiked many if not all of the long hikes in the continental US, so she does understand what it takes.

The following sites offer good general backpacking advice, relevant articles, and gear comparisons: