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Are you trying to figure out what's important in life, perhaps answer the big questions of who are you, and what is your purpose in life?  Let Sebastian's life story inform yours, uplifting and teaching and guiding through his growth from a young fox into an wise elder.  When facing big questions, ask yourself:


    What would Sebastian do?

Experience Richly Meaningful Jewish Rituals


A Seder of Light Passover Haggadah

Do you love Passover, yet seek a Seder that is more fun, more interesting, more exciting?  

This Seder is different!  It combines the spiritual perspective with fun and adventure.  It is intended to be creative, interesting, and of deep personal meaning, joy, and awakening.  It includes drawings for young children, challenges for adults, and  hidden pictures for older children.  This Seder is truly a delight for all ages.


Jewish Rites of Death: Stories of Beauty and Transformation

A beautiful overview of Jewish end-of-life rituals, with personal accounts detailing what it feels like to visit the dying, accompany the dead, prepare the dead for burial, and mourn the loss of a loved one.  With over 20 contributing authors, this profound work is so worth reading it won a 2016 Nautilus Book Award.


To Midwife A Soul

This is a practical taharah manual, detailing all aspects of the ritual, including all prayers and readings.  It also includes Hebrew chants from Rabbi Shefa Gold.  This is the 5th edition of this excellent manual that is used and appreciated by many chevrot in the US, Canada, and England.  It is available in both perfect bound and spiral bound editions.

Final Kindness: Honoring K'rovei Yisrael

When the non-Jewish spouse of a Jew dies and the Jewish spouse wants them treated as a Jew, what can be done?  This is a manual for just that situation: how to prepare a non-Jew for burial in a taharah-like ritual that is not specifically for Jews.

Exploring the Soul of Taharah

In this book, traditional approaches to taharah performed in funeral homes are compared to possible approaches in the home environment.  What are the similarities and differences, and how should the liturgy be applied?

Have More Fun Backpacking

Cover image for Backpacking the Light Way

Backpacking The Light Way: Comfortable, Efficient, Smart

Want to have more fun backpacking?  This book helps us see through the eyes of the ultralighter, without having to become one.  The result is an eye-opening opportunity for conventional backpackers to carry much less weight, while still meeting needs for safety, comfort, and functionality.  Beautifully laid out with gorgeous photography, this book has helped many people be happier in the backcountry.