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Experience Richly Meaningful Jewish Rituals

Rick Light's list of books on Jewish rituals begins with a Passover Haggadah, A Seder of Light, that is unique, beautiful, and a delight for all ages.  Next is the award-winning, Jewish Rites of Death, an introduction to the beauty and meaning of Jewish rituals at the end of life.  The list ends with several well-respected taharah manuals, books to help in the performance of this age-old ritual of respectfully and beautifully preparing the dead for burial. 

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Tent at 11,500 feet on ridge in storm.

Have More Fun Backpacking!

Backpacking the Light Way is a book to help conventional backpackers learn from ultralight backpackers, such that they can carry less weight while still preserving safety and comfort.  With all of their needs met, these backpackers have more fun in the backcountry since their loads are significantly less.  This book sold over 3000 copies in its first 24 months.

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Get Inspired to Live!

Enter the engaging world of a fox named Sebastian, whose spiritual path teaches of awakening consciousness, expanded awareness and learning to be kind.  His adventures lead us through his life in a way that parallels the author's to give us insights into living meaningfully, richly, and in connection with the wholeness of Life.

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Writers On Fire Podcast Interview with Rick

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