A Seder of Light Passover Haggadah


A Fun, Unconventional and Rewarding Passover Experience

The spirit within calls forth to celebrate and enliven Life. This Seder is just such a celebration, full of adventure, mystery, and wonder. It is an opening for self-knowledge and an opportunity for a rich, spiritually awakening experience. Based upon the idea that the Seder should be transforming, as well as fun and informative, this haggadah is written for the spiritually-minded Jew. An attempt has been made to speak directly to the child within each of us, old and young alike, to bring about an experience that is creative and full. This haggadah is written for those who do not have a strong background in Hebrew and so it varies quite a bit from traditional texts, while retaining the essence, structure, and kabbalistic foundations of the past.

The intent is to provide a more powerful spiritual and emotional experience specifically for those in whose lives Spirit plays a central role. This Seder is an invitation to the Spirit within for transformation, joy, and beauty to blossom.  It is an inquiry into the question, “What is it that makes Spirit come alive within us, when joy and wonder and awakening dawn together to create that specialness we call holy?”  It is a journey in time and heart. 

Here is a beautiful, spiritually uplifting, and fun Seder that has been tested and revised in our family since 1993.  This edition has drawings in the back for young children to enjoy, and a hidden-pictures section to keep grade-school children interested and engaged. It is a book that makes the Seder evening not only a delight, but a spiritually meaningful experience to remember.  

What People are Saying About A Seder of Light

Rick Light’s “Seder of Light” is filled with spirit, wisdom, and joy (as is Rick himself). This haggadah goes beyond the plain meaning of the traditional text to ask the participants deep questions and to promote deep reflection. Rick draws on imagery from Kabbalah and issues from today’s world, and uses insight from the Hebrew language and playful art, to make a new experience for participants in his seder.

  • Dr. Dan Fendel, Dean of Students of the Gamliel Institute and retired professor of mathematics  

This Seder was one of the best I’ve ever attended, a good combination of tradition and innovation, encouraging exploration of the spiritual plane, which often does not happen at a seder.  It was the first time in a while that I’ve enjoyed myself so much at a seder.

  • Catherine Bowman, lexicologist and book indexer

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